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Docking Master


Docking Master handheld remote

Docking Master is the next generation advancement from the hard-wired remote controls. It facilitates the range of movement while you are anywhere in your boat. With this small “Wireless Remote Control”, now the captain can be down on the deck while the yacht is approaching and leaving the dock, expanding his vision, awareness and simplifying the docking procedure

It is a waterproof, buoyant, wireless remote control for your boat’s electronic transmission shifters, thrusters, anchor windlass, and steering pump. Coded burst signals—designed specifically for each of Docking Master’s functions—transmit instantaneously via the remote for secure docking with no interference from other devices.  Docking Master boasts precise and reliable docking for vessels of all sizes in any weather at the touch of a button!


A design patented and certified leading-edge – “Wireless Remote Control System” that enables you to control all of your yacht’s basic maneuvering and mooring functions at the touch of a button! Docking Master frees you from the bridge, allowing you to safely step away from the controls to grab a rope, or reposition a fender. Docking Master’s ergonomic, waterproof handheld transmitter (smaller than a standard TV remote) gives you the freedom to check every corner of your boat without ever losing touch with your thrusters, anchor winch and main engine shifters. Best of all, it operates from anywhere you are onboard!

The Docking Master device was designed with the maximum of simplicity and efficiency by a team of highly experienced engineers who put this product through severe and rigorous testing on many different types of vessels to ensure top performance and dependability in any marine environment.